Tel. +372 324 4344 info@aqvaspordikeskus.ee


Do you want the best experience using our gym? Read through reservation rules and stick to them.

1. Our clients can registrate to group trainings via aqva.moby.ee. In order to registrate yourself you need to have valid username and password. You can also registrate when you call Aqva Spordikeskus administrator phone +372 324 4344 or you can write an e-mail info@aqvaspordikeskus.ee.

2.You can participate maximal in two group trainings per day. If there are vacancies you can take part of more group trainings per day.  

3.If you have registrated to group training and you can't participate you have to cancel from the internet, or by calling or writing an e-mail.

4.If there are less than 4 persons signed up for group training, 2 hours before the start, the training will be cancelled.

5.If you don't show up and don't cancel and break this rule 3 times in 2 two weeks then your reservation rights will be blocked for 14 days and all future reservations will be canceled.  

6.If the class is full and you are placed in waiting list you don't have to cancel if you can't take part of the class.